We help everyday women achieve their “bucket list” trekking dreams. At the heart of what we do are our outdoor group training sessions where every session is a mini-adventure that gives you a great sense of accomplishment.


First-Timer 14 DAY Trial



Valid until October 31st, 2019

(VALUE $120)

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We are female fitness professionals training everyday women in the Sutherland Shire and Illawarra. Our women are all ages and fitness levels, training outdoors in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment.

“Tracks not Treadmills” will set you on a new path to becoming fit, trek-ready and excited about adventures in nature. You will build your confidence in the outdoors, experience new trails, learn about trekking and meet everyday women who began their journey just like you - with the brave decision to just START.

The FREE “TRACKS NOT TREADMILLS” Offer consists of:

·       14 Days to use 3 free Trek Training sessions (value $120)

·       Each Trek Training session is 2-hours of personalised group training with an experienced female Trek Coach.

·       Your choice of 7 different session day/times and 5 different outdoor locations.

·       One-on-one induction with your Trek Coach to talk about your goals.

·       Introduction to the “Diamond Method” for training women to trek.

·       Your own “training buddy” to support you in sessions and make you feel welcome.

·       The Diamonds in the Rough Adventures TREK ESSENTIALS GUIDE – expert information to help you prepare for your dream trekking holiday.


We are women, who love coaching everyday women to achieve their dreams of a healthy and adventurous life. We want to help women to feel fit, capable, confident and safe in outdoor environments and to experience the thrill that comes from taking on a challenging trek and succeeding. Our promise to you is to get you trek-ready for whatever your goal, whether it be a local single day hike or an overseas multi-day altitude trek or something in between.

We provide tailored women’s only Trek Training group sessions designed to get you fit for trekking, give you comprehensive knowledge of all things trekking and provide real experiences in the great outdoors. Our sessions run for 2 hours and take place outdoors, in various National Parks and bush locations in the Sutherland Shire and Illawarra. We welcome all women, no matter what your age, fitness or trekking experience to join our supportive, fun and inspiring community.

Why train with us?

We are women who know how to prepare everyday women to trek and we could be the difference between trekking disappointment and trekking exhilaration.

Our training packages are designed to prepare you for whatever level of trekking you’re planning.  

Our 6-month unlimited membership will have you ready for epic treks like Kokoda, Everest Base Camp, Overland Track, Kilimanjaro or 100km Oxfam Trailwalker.

Our 3-month unlimited membership will prepare you well for popular treks like Camino, Inca Trail, Three Capes Track, Larapinta, Cradle Mountain and the Milford track.

Join our 8-session package to get you ready for weekend and day hikes like the Six-Foot track, Wine Glass Bay, Mt Kosciuszko and Pigeon House Mountain.

You will

·       be supported every step of your journey by your expert Trek Coach and the friendly community of women you train with

·       gain invaluable knowledge (and some of it very female specific) about all aspects of trekking including gear, injury management, nutrition, altitude trekking, footcare, using poles and much more.

·       safely build your fitness in a way that prepares your body specifically for the rigors of trekking in the outdoors.

·       gain experience in trekking on all types of terrain and in a variety of outdoor environments.

·       develop greater confidence in your ability to manage all sorts of situations like the ones you may experience on your trek

·       constantly be inspired and motivated by the teams of women and coaches training with you and the stunning locations you find yourself training in.

·       learn all about wish-list trekking adventures like the Larapinta Trail, the Three Capes Track, the Camino, the Milford Track or the Inca Trail, from those who have been there and done that!

·       become TREK-READY so you can say YES to adventure trekking anytime.



Diamonds in the Rough Adventures is located in the Sutherland Shire and the Illawarra, NSW Australia, taking full advantage of the astonishing selection of local bushland reserves, waterways and beaches, national parks and stunning natural scenery.